A wealthy golf course neighborhood in Edgewater, Maryland where any trasher will get the cops called on them in .2 seconds (poor people aren’t excepted here), every kids first car is a bimmer, all often hated by everyone at South River High School for being spoiled. Expect to see lambos on a normal occasion. The neighborhood kids link up like a cult at the courts every night where they get high as a kite or shit faced drunk. but are seen as angels by their parents. The neighborhood drug dealer is a 15 year old girl. “Hey mom i’m going golfing” actually means, i’mma go get shit faced on the course. Dads also get away from there wives to do cocaine on the course or roll a fat ass blunt. SRC is a paradise where everyone likes to get fucked up while keeping it classy at the same time.
“Wow that’s a nice car.” “Yeah, he’s a South River Colony (SRC) kid.”
by Tyler Sadka August 22, 2018
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