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(noun): A stereo-typical truck driven by or desired by almost every male South Christian High School student. Said truck is always an extended cab, short box Chevrolet or GMC, in one of three body styles; the "Classic" GM 88-98 body, newer 99-06 style, or in some cases the student is exceptionally spoiled with a an 07-current body.

Other defining features include:

- 2-3" body lift
- 33" tires
- Dual exhaust
- Toolbox (in most cases the mounting item for dual CB antennas)
- Fox Racing and/or Chevy bowtie sticker
- Rebel flag somewhere on the vehicle, be it a license plate, sticker, etc.

Bonus items include (but not limited to):

- Cowboy and/or camouflage hat on dashboard
- Sticker stating the brand of bow used by driver
- Chrome tail lights
- ATV/dirtbike in box at all times
Examples of the South Christian Special can be seen at anytime anywhere near the greater M6/US131 corridor. Being a regional thing, there is minimal documentation to found on the world wide web.
by guy/with/an/original/truck April 30, 2010
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