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Any white south african male that at some point whilst living in another country has got into a pointless fight and won dominantly.
He then proceeds to be the unofficial bodyguard of any people that he is out with.

South african death squads get exponentially more dangerous the more alcohol they consume.

A group of south african death squads will often be heard talking loudly in a fucked up language that sounds like theyre just making it up as they go along. Do not question this as this will just further enrage them.
Person 1: 'We were out last night and some guy tried to start a fight with me.

Person 2: 'Was the south african death squad with you?'

Person 1: 'Yea, he came outa nowhere and kicked living fuck out of him. Then he went and ordered another rum and coke'
by Percy Montgomery September 09, 2010
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