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Filling a spoon full of soup and alcohol to help absolve the tase of the alchol.
Originated with rum and chicken noodle soup but variations are accpeted.
First created in Panera in Princeton, NJ.
How to Soup-Shot:
1. bring a discrete bottle of alcohol to panera or some other soup vending store.
2. Purchase your favorite soup.
3. Enjoy a couple of spoonfuls of pure soup before getting started.
4. Fill the spoon 1/2 to 3/4ths full of soup and fill the rest with your chosen alcoholic beverage.
5. As you can imagine youre only getting a small dose of alcohol per spoonful so the proccess can become tedious but do not get aggravated and pour the alcohol directly into the soup bowl, it ruins the taste.
6. Finish your soup spoon-shot by spoon-shot.
7. Try and not trip and fall stumbling out of your favorite soup store.
Person #1:Hey i've got some rum in this water bottle but im out of chasers.
Person #2: Oh lets go to wawa and grab some chasers and walk around town.
Person #1: Go fuck yourself that idea blows, im gonna go do some soup shots at panera!
Person #2: YERF!!!

*See "Yerf"
by Soupman October 09, 2007
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