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Some one who thinks they are a drug dealer, but in reality they are the one who drives to pick up the product then drop it off to a customer. The reality is they just mark up the product and claim that they are the one with the Juice.
"Man nice herbs bro, who'd you hook off of?"
"Man that fool just goes to dudes house down the street and adds 100 bux on top. Whack Soup Skimmer. Niya gets smoked out too, shit give me the number mofugga I got a car too."
"He ain't thug, he is just a middleman, not on top, not on bottom, but y'know in the middle blocking the real shit."
"He is never on deck, he just goes to pick it up, lame!! Its like going to Burger King and waiting 10 mins while they go get McDonalds and mark it up."
by RealSmoker July 20, 2006
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