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A Person who is a great hulking ape from the northern isle of yartsew apap and lives in a hole with a Citroen 2 shit-ty outside and a massive heap of animal dungarees. He has a friend named Shave Horsetown and another named Caloomo the Sumo. His enemy goes by the name of Spangus MacDiddy. And in other news he once shot superman out of the sky with a paper airplane (no kryptonite used whatsoever) and he gave someone a cleveland steamer.
Man 1:I Hate you dude you're such a Soulman Diddleman.
Man 2:But I love you, buddy!
Man 1:Urgh you're soooo gay.

(*Man 1 punches Man 2*)
Man 2:Owwwww Fish Cheese.
by MeUnited Against Yartsew Apap February 12, 2010
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