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A common ailment among performers, resulting in the belief that depth of feeling is best conveyed, not by a heartfelt and realistic delivery, but by as much arm waving, melodramatic movement, dewey-eyed smiling, and feigned ingenue-ity as one can muster, irrespective of song content.

So named for its commonality within female singers of the highest vocal range, though this syndrome is known to present quite commonly among divas of any gender and/or vocal range. However, the following correlation is clearly present: the higher one's vocal range in comparison to the average of one's gender, the more likely one is to exhibit symptoms of the aforementioned kind.
"The girl playing Desdemona was smiling winningly at the audience while her character was supposed to be in tears. I think she had a bad case of Soprano Syndrome."
by Sam Thorn November 27, 2011
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