Bandwagon follower of the douchefaggiest sports team in the nation. Named after the people who cheated in the Oklahoma Land Run, the Oklahoma University Sooners play out of the asshole of the great state of Oklahoma, Norman. A surefire way to find all the inbred morons in a room is to yell BOOMER, which Sooner fans think rhymes with Sooner. This is also a helpful way to locate a Wal Mart employee if you're having trouble finding something in the store. Sooner Nation is an amalgamation of trailer parks that exist for the sole purpose of breeding more Sooner Fans and NRA members. Known across the nation as the worst fans in the Big 12, only a Sooner fan could love a Sooner fan, and they're probably related. Being a Sooner fan isn't without its advantages however, it grants you the ability to date your hot cousin and/or step sibling, and you start to become so fat, that your gravity attracts all the corndogs within a 4 foot radius.

The University of Oklahoma itself is average, many successful Wal Mart Managers and male nurses come out of OU.
1.)Man 1: "BOOMER"
12-toed inbred abomination: "Get over here Billy-Jean, my dick is stuck in the toaster again-- SOONER!"

2.) Guy 1: ".... I did your sister AND your mom last night!! Burn!"
Sooner Fan: "Me too."
by TheC00l3st December 20, 2010
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