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Sonia Fowler (nee Jackson) A charcter from the BBC Soap 'Eastenders' who is, possibly, the biggest MINGER of all time.

Sonia started on Eastenders in the early 1990's as a member of the 'pikey'Jackson family. (The Jacksons, where mum Carol dropped her draws for anyone and subsequently ended up with a 'pick and mix'of children i.e. every one from a different father, usually unknown) Sonia was a minger then, whose only enjoyment was her trumpet, which usually made most of the neighbours go mad.

Anyway, as the years progressed, Sonia did a string of silly things, like shag Martin Fowler when she was 14 and subsequently get pregnant and have a kiddy (though she didn't realise she was pregnant, dappy cow - thick AND Minging), had the whole 'on and off' relationship with Jamie, who martin then milled over in his car and killed, so she THEN she goes back to Martin and marries him.

Briefly, she's had a bit of a shit life.

Anyway, in 2006 Sonia leaves Martin and is now a minge muncher! How she finds people to go near her is a miracle!
That Sonia Fowler, she's a minger. Sorry, minge eater.
by Master of Definitions March 19, 2006
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