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An endangered species of Ninja Rats, which have evolved over the course of 3 million years to surf on tsunamis and/or any other moving body (including but not limited to: Pokemon, Clairvoyant Gymnasts, Professional Riot Bacon Hunters, and Children to name a few) which frequently plague the small country. They have been hunted nearly to extinction for their really crappy singing and for rebelling against the Kool-Aid Man's Dictatorship over the country and for leading organized raids against nearby Villages, claiming over $4.3 Million in stolen 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Collectible Cthulhu Action Figures and Gummy Bears leaving 45 wounded.
We must bring justice to the people, avenge our fallen comrades, and exterminate the Somalian River Rats.
by ChickenHacker August 05, 2016
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