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The Sol System is a star system in the Milky Way's Outer Rim. Centered around a yellow dwarf known as Sol, it includes 8 planets. Of the 8 plants only 3 orbit in Sol's habitual zone, Venus (Uninhabited due to it's suffering from a runaway greenhouse effect.), Terra (Inhabited by a number of life forms, several intelligent and 1 Level 0.9 civilization. However, it is currently undergoing the Holocene Mass Extinction, it's 6th, and the local civilization has a fetish for dissecting (still living) visitors so travel to this world is ill advised.) and Mars (An uninhabited and geologically dead desert world.). It is ruled by the Terrans (Though their grip on power beyond the Terran System (A planetary system within the Sol System.) is weak almost to the point of being non-existent.) and is a largely irrelevant system on the larger galactic scale.
The Sol System is home to the primitive and warlike Terrans who seem to think they will rule the galaxy someday.
by Mooklum September 20, 2011
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the star system in which Earth in located
The Sol System is in the outer rim.
by Gunas Maliko November 27, 2007
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