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The brightest idea ever in vehicle washing. The SoftGloss XS (by Ryko) utilizes FoamBrite, a material that enhances the gloss of a vehicle's finish with repeated washings. As it cleans, FoamBrite brings back the hidden luster of the vehicle surface.

The SoftGloss XS comes standard with features such as touch-sensing, ultrasonic mapping, and split-rotating wash arms. Optional features such as on-board dryers, upgraded tri-foam detergent, and a customized backlit logo panel are available.
My car was dirty, so I took it through the SoftGloss XS car wash. An animated raindrop character helped me select and purchase a wash package. As I drove into the wash bay, the underbody flush washed away the crap underneath my car.

When the buzzer sounded, I stopped my car and placed it in park. The SoftGloss XS foam bath covered my entire car with a thick layer of foaming detergent, helping to provide superior cleaning results.

The FoamBrite brushes began to clean and polish both the sides and top of my car. The wash cycle finished with tri-foam wax, clearcoat protectant, and spot-free rinse application. Finally, the ThrustPro dryer dried my entire car. I drove away with a clean and shiny car!
by Car Wash Owner October 24, 2007
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