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When someone (often an old foreigner) says something with a soft racial undertone about another race that is not meant to be derogatory but often comes out in a way that may make others slightly uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed yet sympathetic for said old person.

Often it is because of a difference in social and cultural norms that they say something softly racist.
Older foreigner: "When I was in India they were all shaking their heads left to right instead of up and down when they agreed with me. It was crazy" *does weird head motion* (cultural thing)

Young western people in room: "uhmm..err...hmm..i see"*feeling a weird uncomfortable combo of awkwardness and humour*

Young Indian guy in room: "Ha ha ya thats us alright" (slight awkward feeling of being caught off guard with some soft racism)
by PetePabs January 09, 2013
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