Soft black is the sexually inclined black, opposite of the violence inclined hard black. Most recognizable by their voice sounding as if he was eating out a woman and his voice was traveling through her body out of her mouth.
That guy is so soft black I think he is stealing my girlfriend and making her cum with just his voice.
by Soft black October 7, 2015
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Cutesy, quirky, empathetic and Black woman centered; involves a lot of things that are normally considered to be "too white" or not Black enough for Black woman (i.e. glitter, anime, cosplay, etc.) The concept is to embrace the idea that Black woman can be soft contrary to common stereotypes and stigmas.
"Did you see that girl with the rainbow box braids?!" "I did, I just love seeing other SBG (soft black girls) ."
by ohnanawhat'smyname April 23, 2017
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