A cocktail similar to a Bloody Mary, but a little ruder. First mentioned by Stephen Fry in the last episode in season four of the British comedy show "A bit of Fry and Laurie". (With "Ruder" they are of course not meaning literally, since this would be very horrible. I mean, a drink that starts insulting you. That's pretty damn scary if you ask me. I'd shit my pants in fear if i ordered a drink and it started insulting me. well, I would be scared, and then insulted, obviously, but if.... whoops, seems I got a bit sidetracked....)

To make it "Ruder" you could:

A) serve it a bit insulting, like intentionally spill some on your customer, or spit in it before serving it, or just don't serve it at all.

Or you can B) add something not normally featured in the Bloody Mary-recipe, like absinthe or tequila.

you can also C) if you feel like combining A and B you can add some high quality crack, since this can be considered quite rude, especially if your unfortunate customer overdoses and dies.
-Would you like a Sodding Mary?
-A what?
-A Sodding Mary. it's like a Bloody Mary but a bit ruder.
-Oh, Ok.
-here you go.
*Punch in face*
by Travis Tee2 February 27, 2010
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