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During a BarMitzvah or BatMitzvah, when the majority of adolescent girls attending that are wearing pantyhose, stockings, tights, or are barefoot take off their shoes and put on socks for the remainder of the event. This can come to quite a disappointment to men twenty years old or older who find it attractive and arousing to view the feet of adolescent girls. Out of disappointment and sometimes anger, a man of this nature may describe this event as a "Sock Mitzvah" when conversating to others.
"I was so happy to be invited to my friend's little cousin's BatMitzvah so I could see all the girls prancing around in their stockings and barefeet without shoes on. But his aunt is a real bitch and told all the girls to bring socks. So during the reception, the event became a Sock Mitzvah and I left early because I was really pissed off!"
by The Jax January 15, 2007
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