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A hamster protected by a piece of cloth-like footwear and drowned in lube for the sole intention of being introduced to one's rectal cavity. Usually, once the sock hamster has been fully consumed by the sphincter it will chew its way through the sock making its way into the host's colon where it survives solely off of predigested excrement removing the need for one to make bowel movements.
Tim: Hey John! I've got something you need to try!
John: What's that Tim -TIm?
Tim: If you put a hamster in a sock and shove it up your ass, it eats all your shit! I call it a Sock Hamster!

John: OH BOY! Now we can have all the unprotected butt sex that we want. I've never liked enemas anyway.
by TheRowdyRodent June 26, 2018
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