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There are two different types of social network users.

1. Someone who has too much spare time with no life to do anything with it, so they'll spend it posting useless and annoying updates that nobody cares about, interacting with their "friends" (most of which aren't even their friends outside of whichever social networking site they're using), taking "selfies", all the while losing brain cells.

2. Someone who spends a few minutes here and there interacting with their friends on a social networking site (these are friends that they are actually friends with outside of the social network they're using), someone who will post occasional but interesting/funny status updates, and then logging off and doing something productive with their time.
Examples of definition 1: At least 60% of social network users.

Examples of definition 2: The other 40% or less of social network users.
by Anonymous129084 April 04, 2013
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