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A bitch that sits on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat) and talks shit. Instead of talking about their problem like an adult would, they get on social media and air all their shit out, and act like a boss bitch, when really they just want some attention and validation.
Snapchat- that dumb bitch just blew me.

Facebook- OMG this stupid bitch just pissed me off talkin hella shit so instead of going to her imma tell all of Facebook even though nobody gives a shit. But I'm a bored bitch and I have nothing better to do so instead ill air all my shit here!

Instagram- passive aggressive hoes, Ive been blown can't fuck with these nasty nice bitches #done

Twitter- I'm a social media thug, lemme post in 140 characters or less about this bitch
by Byefelicia April 03, 2014
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