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A social media fisherman is usually a scammer who posts other people's videos on their social media page and make it out as their own video to gain either popularity or money. The average social media fisherman may boast about their popularity status to make others feel low (When in reality most of them do not really give a shit, only just about how annoying they are) and add extremely cheesy titles on their videos to draw people in (known as click bait) . These people think they are hilarious but are total fuckheads. This is not to be confused with a social media fisherwoman who usually uploads a revealing photo on Facebook for a large amount of likes. Nevertheless, these people are cancerous and should not be on the Internet.
SloFloAntonio, Fortafy, Percy Inglis and Adrian Van Oyen are few of the many examples of Social Media Fisherman who are basically the cancer of either Facebook or Youtube or both.

Two British teenagers on their mobile phones:
Steven: Hey have a look at this video Matt, its called "Top 7 Pranks 2015 (Gone Sexual)" and its caption is a picture of a girls arse
Matt: Are you a fucking idiot, it's click bait mate

Steven: Its not that SoFlowAntonio twat again is it?
Matt: Well it says SoFlowComedy so yeah, it is
Steven: Fuck!

Two Australian men on their laptops browsing Facebook:
Mark: Oi Pete who is this poof doing this stupid don't judge challenge ?
Peter: Oh its gotta be that fuckin' Fortafy cunt

If Percy Inglis were ever heard by the Lord:
Percy Inglis : Only God can judge me!
God: You are a fucking faggot Percy
by thetruthoftheilluminati September 08, 2015
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