Social isolation is a state or near state of loss of social, mental, spiritual and physical contact with the world. It is a spectrum and can occur to varying degrees depending on the individual and society at the time.

It can lead to moodiness, irritability, general feelings of sadness, recurring depressive thoughts, and a distortion of the view of the self and the world.

Social isolation is not necessary or wanted in this world. We can all feel connected through; reaching out to a friend with a text or phone call, inviting friends over for dinner, calling a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, making amends with friends you had beef with but in the greater scope of things it was something that could be patched up, memes, giving friends hugs, petting a dog, cat sitting, watching tv together, having a picnic at a park, eating edibles together, going stargazing, making fun of nazis together, singing a song, taking a drive together, going to the grocery store with friends, running errands with a pet, having friend / family reunions, smiling at a stranger, asking “how are you” to the barista at the coffee shop.
These are all ideas towards defeating social isolation in our world.
by WooWoo ☀️ August 18, 2018