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To attempt to start a conversation with someone (whether it be a crush, your taxi driver, a classmate, a fellow hospital patient, a stranger you met on the street, your neighbor, etc.), even though you might get rejected or ignored altogether. Even if you do happen to strike out, it was all a calculated risk right? No big deal.
*A few people waiting in the checkout line at a grocery store*

1st person in line: (Thinks to self sarcastically) "Could this cashier go any slower?"
2nd person in line: (Looks around and begins to social gamble) "You like frosted flakes too huh? I used to eat it all the time when I was little."
1st person in line: (Turns around) "............"
3rd person in line: "They added a new cinnamon flavored one recently, tastes pretty good."
2nd person in line: (Turns around) "Really? I'll check it out the next time I come."
*First person in line leaves with bagged groceries while the conversation between the other two continues*
by Red_Shaft July 23, 2017
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