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It's also known as white-boy reggae. Influenced by weed and some rap music. This genre of reggae has a faster pace but not as fast as ska music. This reggae originated in southern california and has spread its influences into Arizona, Oregon and Hawaii. Your stoner girlfriend will love it.

It includes sick drum beats (echoing). creative, heavy basslines, electric guitar with phaser, delay and reverb effects. Vocals have a lot of echoing and have some hip-hop influences. The singers usually don't have the classic, Jamaican accents. Artist commonly vary in genres.

A good song is called: Lemonade by Alexandra Stan
Some common artists include:
Slightly Stoopid
The Expendables
Cisco and Shwayze
The Holdup
The Dirty Heads

"I hope these artists know they have a genre called Socal Reggae"
by Blackjack.Hefe November 22, 2015
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