Must be stated in a "my new haircut" voice:

1) When a group of males do something and do not want to disclose the fact that there will only be males there to make females wonder

2a) When you are at a party with snobby ho-faced females who think they are the shit


2b) When you party with a large number of attractive females

Guy (to his guy friends): Hey you guys want to go watch the game at the bar?
Girl: Wait who are you going with?
Guy: Brad, Nick, Joey, Chris and so many bitches...

Guy: Hi. Can I buy you a drink?
Girl: What you think you can just buy me a drink and sleep with me? (walks away)
Guy to his friends: Man, there are so many bitches here, f-this place.


When you party at the playboy mansion.
Guy1: How was last night?
Guy2: Holy Shit! There were soooo many bitches!!!!!
Guy1: Did you hook up with any?
Guy2: Of course I did you dumb shit.
by BMlz November 6, 2009
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