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To be lame, out of place, no set goals for the future, wack, stank, drama loving, lost soul, retarded, clueless, brainless, air head, tramps, haters and super haters (There's a difference in the two types of human haters, lol)

The word Snuggle Fin was orginated from King Leo in Tacoma, Washington to express his dis-like of Snuggle Fin type characters.

You could have Snuggle Fin qualities if you: Wake up past noon, No hustle, No character at all (Off Brand) and just out of no where stupid.
Shut up nigga, you's a Snuggle Fin!

You 'Ol stank ass, maggot ass, Snuggle Fin bitch!
by King Leo JLY.23 May 29, 2009
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