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A player in Gears of War who gets online around 11am and plays Execution on Canals until around 12pm Midnight.
If the player just HAPPENS to play a ranked match, all he does is grabs the Sniper and blindfires at the enemy.
If an All-Star does not get the Sniper in time, he usually quits.
All-Stars like to brag about their subs on YouTube and who is on their friends list.
All-Stars are cocky because they seem to think they're famous with their meaningless, made-up clans that people pay to get into.
Recently, A large amount of All-Stars have been reported to quit GoW for Mw2 in hopes of a new fun. These people usually come back to GoW within 2-5 days.
A lot of All-Stars claim to have original gamertags even though it's the complete opposite.
A lot of All-Stars think its cool to have Juniors, Minis, Lils, and Misses of themselves.
Juniors are just a bunch of sad little kids trying to get "known".
An All-Star is easy to spot. They will usually have an "MLG" gamertag, and a tricked-out bio.
All-Stars favorite words and phrases are:
Random, Fake, Hater, Dick rider, Get lucky, Get raped, I'm not trying, Get carried, Get pooped on, etc.
A notable All-Star is a player named "ITS MiLkBoNe"
He has over 500 videos on YouTube of JUST 1v1's, 2v2's, and 3v3's.
He is one who has claimed to quit GoW only to come back within a few days.
He is the leader of the clan, ITS.
He lives under middle bridge on Canals.
His clan members live in other various parts of Canals.
ITS BLeeZyy IIx: Ayy, who's this randy pandy?
BLaacKeN: Your cool, Sniper match All-Star.
ITS BLeeZyy IIx: Hop off ma dick, kid!
BLaacKeN: You started talking to me, retard.

*round starts*

*Bleezy takes an 11th bullet Superman to the dome*
"ITS BLeeZyy IIx has left the game"
by BLaacKeN March 17, 2010
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