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Someone who has a habit of sniffing their finger after touching parts of their body.
That's the 3rd time she dug in her butt and sniff her finger. She is a straight up Sniff Lord.
by MWstein November 14, 2016
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One who blows out through their nose in a rapid & violent reverse-sniff. A sniff lord typically makes this sound throughout the day, along with other gross bodily sounds, such as throat-clear/groan hybrids and knuckle cracking.
The sniff lord has been out-sniffing all day. It's driving me crazy.
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Someone who consists of sniffing ass's daily. Sometimes known as Buttsniff these kind of people are found everywhere. Throughout, New York, United States, Australia and pretty much everywhere
"I bet you are a snifflord because you sniffed Tom's butt!"
by Hornyslut44 May 29, 2018
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