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When your out there playing basketball, Sneyhaul is that guy who uses his good religion in his actions replying you considerate things when you say something like "I Like Nolan". He can also make you feel very loved too. Sneyhaul is the type to react to things like people who are fat, people who don't clean up after themselves, that sort. He will teach you things and be the more lovable one. Unlike others, Sneyhaul will stick by you even if he has to stay for another hour all to teach you how to steal the ball. There is none like Sneyhaul. Plus he can be really cool when he meets you and get horny. He's a tall Indian guy with a cute deepish boy voice. He's very thoughtful and would put aside all things so he could care about you. He's the way he is because its in his religion. And it gets the best of you and him when you guys are together. Will come attached to you like a disciple. Although he can't play with you all the time, the whole time your with him, you can't help but feel like you guys were meant to be friends. If your a girl, then you wish you were skinnier because he has no problem with calling you a "fattie". Sneyhaul is that guy that you wish you were a lot of things because he can see right through you and judge you like a God. Amen!
Sneyhaul is one of the better guys. He isn't a self-absorbed brat like Ayden or Nolan. He's also knows the latest slang and will use them in his language. He will say "The one who has the rouges?" And say "skeet skeet". He is one of the most compassionate who really stands out from the other boys. Like most Indians will get dark, but that doesn't take away his optimistic and very encouraging personality.
by ChristianQueen June 12, 2018
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