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Using Snapchat as a passive-aggressive outlet to express hostility towards others. Perfect for when you don't care to start an actual fight or when you don't have a chance to start a fight (or confrontation), but still want to get your point across to the creeps who watch your story as regularly as they breath in O2. Usually directed to just one or two dip-shits.
"Bertha, yeah he's rude and creepy af, but not worth going to jail for. Just post something Snap-ive aggressive. He'll obviously be one of the first ones to see it."

"Even though Roger watches Bertha's Snapchat story like a junkie loves heroin, he ignores her in every other possible way. While not worth confronting in person but still feeling hella fiesty, Bertha posted a Snap-ive aggressive message expressing how she will customize creeps off of her story who actively do this."

"Did you see Bertha's story? Someone must have pissed her off it was very Snap-ive aggressive."
by kashbagosh May 07, 2017
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