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Women from New Jersey, who claim to have multiple illnesses, requiring them to lounge around all day reading trashy novels. Their diet primarily consists of chocolate donuts and chicken mc nuggets. These women are known day walkers and are extremely ginger. Other signs that you have encountered a “snaggle cunt” are the excessive bitching and whining through her buck teeth. If you happen to come across a “snaggle cunt” precautionary measures are as follows:
1. Leave New Jersey as soon as possible.
2. Use chocolate donuts as a decoy to stage your escape.
3. Make your self appear to be taller that the beast.

• Warning, do not attempt to cut off her head, she is believed to be of relation to the hydra, resulting in more bucked tooth, nugget nibbling danger.

Synonyms: Charlie Lima, Riviera Hotel, Stupid Fucking Bitch, Gate keeper of the hostess.
Congrats on being rid of the Snaggle Cunt.
by hbmc August 12, 2010
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A highly unstable woman; prone to overreaction and displays of unexplainable behavior, such as emotionally cuckolding her husband or hating on kid's charities.
Man, Tommy's wife is such a SnaggleCunt.
by Stltripod84 July 20, 2016
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