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The snag sanga is just like a sausage sandwich, only Aussie. This delicious mixture of bread and perfectly cooked sausage is best made at your local Bunnings Warehouse! Sauce and onions are optional.
(sometimes best served charred)

How to make:

Step 1: Get a juicy beef sausage and yeet it onto the bbq, just like putting shrimp on the barbie. Then, you cook it for about 5 mins, constantly turning it until the sides are a dark brown colour.

Step 2: Get a nice piece of soft, white bread and place the snag inside. Eat in 2 big bites.
'Hey mate, have you got your snag sanga yet?'
'Yeah bro, and it's delicious!'
by anAussieMozzie August 13, 2019
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