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Cheap-o horror movies usually on Sci-Fi and lined on the new release shelves of Hollywood Video that are o so fun and entertaining to watch. They are defined as having unnecessary and unrealistic amounts of gore, usually some sort of genetically mutated creature (Wasps, bats, locusts) or zombies, are super predictable, and have only one or 2 survivors. The actual term "Snack Central" comes from all the people who get eaten due to their unbelievable stupidity.
You'll probably say stuff like "Do they want to get eaten?" and "Why are these people so stupid?" throughout the movie.
Black Swarm
Locusts: The 8th Plague
Raptor Island
Wrong Turn
Gangs of the Dead
28 Weeks Later
Jurassic Park
Lake Placid
A Sound of Thunder
Ginger Snaps

"You've never seen a snack central!? Dawn of the Dead is a great snack central to watch!"

"Hmmm... what kind of snack central is on Sci Fi tonight...OOO!!!...Frakenfish!"
by rrRager February 16, 2009
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