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A very historic being from the mountains of the himalayas, originally from Iceland but as it was being moved to a chinese zoo it escaped and flew to himalaya with it's wings. in the winters he'd come down from the mountain to the villages to kill the men and rape the women. Snævar was a muscular and beautifull beast which was misunderstood.
In 1325 a local himalayan woman got lost in the mountains and found the creatures lair, it is said that she fell in love with it because it was so beautiful. It is said the being stopped the killing and raping and the lived in the lair until it's last day with his wife and disgusting hairy mutant children
''Don't go running off now or the big old scary Snævar will come and get you''
or used in an aggressive term like ''yees Bill when you punched me in the face with a brick it hurt you fucking Snævar''
by i can't spell snaevar with ae November 15, 2017
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