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When you're the only girl in a group of friends and your role in the group/team gets simplified to "the girl" or worse, "the potential love interest." Oftentimes, the rest of the group will assume you're sleeping with or consider you as "claimed" by one of the other members of the friend group, as if you were property or a prize as opposed to a person with agency. This situation is punctuated by the fact that you are attracted to none of the people in this group. And in the worst case scenario, they're assuming you're sleeping with the least attractive member of the group.
If you have a solid group of male friends and you treat them all equally, this stereotype can dissipate, but it's rare. The only true defense is to make sure you are as non-flirtatious as possible with your male friends, but that's where the conundrum comes in, because if you're even just breathing, males will assume you're a thot.
The Smurfette Conundrum is common in male-dominated environments where women have minimal choices outside of having many male friends. This stereotype is perpetuated by the majority of mainstream tv series.
"Hey, I've been hearing things about you and Jake from his buddies? What's going on with you two?"
"Oh ew no, Jake's just my friend. I bar-hopped with him and his boys a few times and they assumed he was banging me. It's a typical Smurfette Conundrum, but it doesn't matter, Jake just needs to be escorted back to the friend-zone he tried to crawl out of."
by RachelLutherQueen July 14, 2018
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