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Usually poisonous and known to cause cancer, it is a chemical, herb, narcotic, or medicated substance packed into a cylindrical form that you light or inhale through smoking paraphernalia.
He pulled a smokey biscuit from behind his ear and placed it in his mouth. He searched for a lighter.

"Do you need a light?" she emerged with a lit match. The deliberate inversion of a subtle courtship signal was obvious, but an afterthought to the pang of addiction. Cupping his hands around the flame, he inhaled, deeply. "Thank you, so this is what it feels like to be a chick?"
She shook the flame from the match and tossed it in the ashtray.
Puffing in silence, their smoke thickened and curled around them like a wall of indifference. Eventually, she rubbed hers out with the toe of her red stiletto, he stamped out his, and they went back into the club.
by WiseCookie August 09, 2018
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