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When there is a power cut/blown bulb that occurs in the toilet mid-poo, and you have to use the strobe light application on your iPhone to illuminate the room to complete the wiping portion of the job.

For a "proper" smelly disco, the toilet in question cannot contain any windows, and must be shrouded in complete darkness. Alternatively, a windowed room is acceptable if it is dark outside. To benchmark the level of darkness, one should try body popping while the strobe is blinking.

Bonus points are received for playing music, making use of glow sticks (not to be confused with poo sticks) and/or being in fancy dress.

Optionally, techno music and a few lines of cheap whiz can be added if a smelly rave is preferred.
Hipster one: "Did you have a power cut last night?"
Hipster two: "Yea, I was just having a dump. Luckily, my iPhone was handy for a smelly disco".
by caldridge March 22, 2011
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