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A bitch that smells bad and comes from the dirtiest part of the 70-year-old grandpas asshole smells better than him and where's dresses with armpit hair. And has a rats nest on the top of his head he should die in a dumpster. On top of that all he dates pedophiles . The most foul smell you will ever smell so bad that it leaves grime wherever he goes. And if you breathe the same air in as him you will die . so bad that you have to burn everything he touches because you don't want to get sick catch some rare disease . So basically he's that one smelly kid in school who everybody knows his smelly .
Did someone shit themselves no it's worse than that it's just smelly Cody.

The garbage wasn't taken out for a week and it smelled so bad that it smelt worse than smelly Cody.
by Dswizzzz April 10, 2017
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