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The act of shooting a fresh load of sperm onto a piping hot piece of shit that you currently have resting in a skillet on your stovetop. You then patiently scrape the penal cheese out of your foreskin (known as smegma) on top of the cum log and bake on medium for approximately 12 minutes or until the jizz turns a dark yellow. Set aside to cool down, this is obviously not for consumption, that would be disgusting. You then take the room temp smeg foo young and blend it into a fine liquid. Proceed to pour that liquid into a funnel that you have placed into your penis hole and enjoy!
Mike 1: Yo man, do you want to get Chinese food later? Im thinking some egg foo young?

Mike 2: That shit is gross. How about we get some smeg foo young instead and feed our boners?
by Uncle Gary's Potato Farm May 26, 2017
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