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A list that a person keeps consisting of names of people that the owner would like to smack. Typically people found on a smack list are annoying to the extreme.

Having a smack list is a good method of anger management because it allows people to show their anger towards another person without resorting to breaking things.
annoying451: hey waz up
screenname23: Oh not much. How are you?
annoying451: lol u so funny
screenname23: Uhh...okay
annoying451: lol so i wuz lyke totally @ da mall
screenname23: What? I can't understand your incoherent typing!
annoying451: lol y u so silly lol
screenname23: This is really annoying
annoying451: lol ya so neway...
screenname23: You just got added to the smack list.
by tmastaslice December 03, 2009
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