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A slum rat is a female who is a complex individual they are always in desperate need of attention they are constantly looking for drama. Everyone and their momma’s know their business. A slum rat acts like a bad bitch but she really is not. She stays on a mans dick when she knows that she in not wanted around. She is in constant need of attention, She is considered a bird. There are different types of slum rats, However The worse ones are those who do not shower, she is just plain dirty. She dresses for attention and wears clothes that do not fit causing her stomach to pour out nasty! She acts hood but she is just a groupie. A slum rat is like a chamillionaire she can adapt to different scenarios. A slum rat is worse than a hood rat, not only is she louder than a hood rat, but whatever comes out of her mouth is pure trash. A slum rat is a rodent. A slum rat is very sneaky, they do not have class they are obnocsious cause a hood rat has some type of class. Which one are you..? Hope its neither.

If you know of someone who fit the definition than thats a SLUM RAT.
by NICSHA LIEKYA April 05, 2009
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