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Sluddural Dacoge is a subgenre of Alternative Rock,heavily relying on traditional Punk Ethics. It's stylstic origins are formed upon a subtle fusions of Darkcore,Indie Pop,and Hard Rock. It also infuses heavily forms of Sludge,Grunge,Punk,and Heavy Metal,with an often "Glam" or "Gothic" appearence. Minimalistic inspirations can also be concieved. Sluddural Dacoge is also a prime example of modern experimental music. It's cultural origins are of modern-day,2007,emerging from the DIY Internet Community of Myspace,and the Punk Counter Culture against modern Alternative Rock,Pop Punk,and Emo Music. It's early usage and aspiration can be seen in songs such as,"Hey,Hey,My,My" by Neil Young,and "Grind",by Alice In Chains. The band coined for its creation is,Heavy Black Love. The sound of Sluddural Dacoge its characterized by deep bold bass lines,chaotic but rhtymic drumming,and heavy use of a Cello instead of an Electric Guitar,although Electric Guitars are often used. Its signature,the Cello,is used to create a churning guitar-like sound,similar to something of a violin crossing a bass. It's often thought of as a dark type of music,with halloween-like instances. Its lyrics are heavily based around angst-filled situations from the society of the 2000's. Also,lyrics are often centered around a rebellion against modern day society in a pro-anarchy,Punk ethic.
Heavy Black Love Is Prime Sluddural Dacoge,but early Soungarden,and Neil Young easily can carry the genre as well.
by William Phillips September 23, 2007
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