A more superior/senior sloth (Human who has sloth similar sloth likes) who has mastered the skills of being lazy, slow & laid back lifestyle that a sloth does while living in a tree, Someone who is living the sloth life has taken many years to fine-tune the art of doing absolutely nothing but having the appearance that shits getting done. Not a minute goes past where they are in a rush to do something or go somewhere, a senior sloth has very minimal care while he or she kicks back and enjoys life for what very little they feel like doing.

Not anyone live the Sloth Life overnight, there is no book to read or guidance to follow from a teacher.. You will not receive a medal or even reconise it straight away once you’re living the sloth life, but once you are all you need to worry about is where is your next meal coming from & whose bringing it too you.

The List is endless what a sloth can do when living the sloth life but i'm also a sloth so i think thats enough typing for this week.
They look like they're living the sloth life
What do you like it would be like to live the sloth life
When did you start living the sloth life
The Sloth Life is .... uhmmm ... just better than being a sloth.
Senior Sloth is classed as living the Sloth Life
by Sloth Life March 16, 2015
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