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When you are in a porta pottie and are taking a huge shit, a shit so large it is almost of equivalent size and nature to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Suddenly, you get the urge to jack off or have sloppy butt sex with a random person. Because the lotion is so far away, you scoop out some shit from the toilet and use that as lubricant.
1. One time John went into the porta pottie after Kyle did the Sloppy Hiroshima to his girlfriend...he is currently in therapy.


Cameron:dude I gotta take a shit, where's the porta pottie?

Matt: It's over there but I wouldn't use it, last night Fernando got drunk and did a sloppy hiroshima in there.

Cameron: Dude, fuck him.
by Thatfatguydatdadrunkgirlshooku September 02, 2012
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