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Refers to someone who looks like one of your friends, but if they were 30 years older and had completely let themselves go.

Much like a version of Your team for doppelgangers, when you spot someone that looks like a fatter, hairier, and/or older version of your friend, you can then say you saw their "Sloppelgänger".
Dude 1: Yo Mike, totally saw your Sloppelgänger today on the subway. I'm pretty sure he was homeless...but it was like SAME FACE.
by isthisanoriginalusername December 29, 2010
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When you get so drunk, a doppelganger of yourself comes out with the complete opposite intentions of your usual sober self.
I swear it wasn't me that fucked your grandma, it was my sloppelganger.

I'm getting so drunk tonight that my sloppelganger is coming out. I'm going to be the fucking Queen of England.
by DZ Pittsburgh July 26, 2013
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