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The Slippery Spoon is an adventurous twist to the act of spooning with your significant other. The idea is first to get naked, then lay in the Spooning position. The person in front performs a subtle nudge, maybe in the form of wiggling her hips a little bit, or grinding ever so gently in an effort to tease until the person in back has a full on fucking raging hard on. If the room is a little warm, or you are under blankets, the sweat from the grinding and increased heart rate will add a little lubrication to said rager, and you will find your self in a Slippery Spoon. If sweat is not available, a little cunny juice would do the trick, some pre-cum, or best yet, fucking spit on to your hand and rub it on your cock in an effort to create a frictionless shaft that you can grind between her ass cheeks. If you are lucky, you may get the tip of your wick in her cunny, or even in her asshole, which most assuredly will provide some extra pleasure for both of you in the Slippery Spoon.

Slippery Spooning can also happen after sex if you lay with your woman and your cum and cunny juice covered dick rests nicely between those two beautiful ass cheeks, usually resulting in more fucking.
The Slippery Spoon.... says it all.
by Slocat December 22, 2017
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