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A person who makes fun of the band Slipknot. Often make fallacy filled arguments about the band. Always have a complete lack of common sense and believe they are going to somehow convince Slipknot fans to stop enjoying the band's music. Instead of just ignoring the thing that annoys them, a Slipknot Whiner will often go on youtube to make totally false statments about the band. This is mostly due to the fact that Slipknot Whiners are either people with no life, or a severe form of mental retardation. Slipknot whiners can easily be spotted on youtube by their usernames. Examples of Slipknot Whiners usernames are SHITKNOTSUCKSCOCK, SlipknotSucksAss and SlIpKnoTiSgAy.
Slipknot Whiner:SLIPNOT IZ GAAY!

Slipknot fans: Dude, STFU
by AnotherAsshole January 02, 2010
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