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the kind of band that makes you want to blow your head off when you listen to it (the same goes for cradle of filth and the jonas brothers). Fans of slipknot are usually around the ages of 13-14, and if they are older, than they still have the brain of a 13 or 14 year old child for listening to such a twat band. Slipknot is the direct cause for faggots in the world who think they are the most metal people in the world, when people who truly enjoy real metal don't pay attention to how high on the metal scale you are, and really try to find people who listen to metal so they can relate to them (in fact, as long as you don't listen to the blasphemy against odin of slipknot, trivium, as i lay dying, etc, there really is no metal scale. good music (thrash, black and death metal, especially thrash in my perspective) is made just to enjoy, not so you can join the cult of slipkNotagoodband and research stupid trivia knowledge about them, so you can impress your other slipknot fans at your weekly nu-metal circle jerk parties)

the point of all of this, is that if you listen to slipknot, you should grow some balls quick and listen to real music.

i don't mean to insult with that last one, because every one who likes good music had to go through that awkward stage in life where they listened to slipknot back in middle school. PLEASE DON"T GET STUCK IN THAT STAGE!!!! you will be respected way more once you ditch the slipknot shirt and the hot topic pants.
conversation 1, the wrong fan:
person 1: hey, what's up?
person 2: no one understands me. I like being unique because i listen death metal like slipknot, atreyu and korn, but i don't care what other people think because they aren't true maggots like us! you wanna go to hot topic after this and get some guy-liner?
person 1 was unable to answer, because he shot himself in the head with a 12 gauge after person 2's first sentence.

conversation 2, the right way:
person 1: hey, whats up?
person 2:THRASH!!!!
person 1:THRASH!!!!!!!!

slipknot is a waste of time
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