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To call someone a Sleezy Bear is to point out their profound involvement him/herself has in the most dirty and trashy sexual activities and how they tend to brag about it, A Sleezy Bear sometimes spits and sleeps in its own cloths. A Sleezy Bear also very rarely tips his/her waiter.
This insult also hints at the fact the person may or may not be of the bear species.
Person 1: "Did you hear about that guy?"

Person 2: "Yeah he's such a Sleezy Bear, he never tips"

Person 1: "I heard he gets up to the weirdest disgusting sexual activities with peoples parents"

... Meanwhile in another place ...

Sleezy Bear: "This one time, I slept with with my clothes on after sex, I then decided to hibernate.."
by Liquailliam August 17, 2014
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