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That one, bittersweet moment of intense fatigue due to an unhealthy lack of sleep, where you suddenly know EVERYTHING. You literally become the harbinger of infinite knowledge for a few moments before crashing out into a deep sleep, only to forget everything upon waking up.
*Person 1's bloodshot, baggy eyes widen in absolute awe.*
Person 2: Uh...
Person 1: Shut up! I've finally come to a realization, all the questions people have had that couldn't be answered, I know EVERYTHING, man, YOU MIGHT AS WELL SEND FOR THE POLICE!!!
Person 2: Wha--...
Person 1: SHUT UP!!! What comes after death? What's out there in space or the ocean? What happens when we use our brains to their full potential? What's the meaning of life? WELL I'LL TELL YOU! I'LL TELL YOU EVERYTHIN--...
*Person 1 crashes into his pillow, experiencing the total nirvana that is the sleep revelation.*
by A Choking Melon May 11, 2013
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