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To finger your bed mate while you are falling asleep or are already asleep. This has two possible scenarios. 1. The individual doing the fingering begins to finger the bed mate's clitoris and suddenly falls asleep without notice. 2. One individual starts to finger the other's clitoris while both individuals are asleep. As a side note, it is not uncommon for the one being fingered to get aroused while the one doing the fingering is not even actually awake.
Dan and amanda are together in bed...

1. Dan consciously rolls towards Amanda in bed and begins fingering her clitoris.

Amanda beings to get aroused.

Dan suddenly falls asleep with his hand on Amanda's clitoris or in her vagina.

2. Dan and Amanda are both fast asleep...

Dan rolls over towards Amanda and begins to finger Amanda while they are both sleeping

**Amanda awakens aroused to find Dan fully asleep (sleep fingering her).
by DamandaInSF January 20, 2014
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